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Over 300,000 science, technology, engineering and mathematic teachers throughout the UK are largely working independently or in very small teams. Stemit plan to unite teachers of STEM subjects and bring together a wealth of quality resources, inspirational ideas and innovative lessons.

As a teacher you have over 20+ performances a week to deliver and rarely the chance to talk with colleagues. Based on the Creative Commons License we aim to provide a collaborative learning platform where teachers can contribute and share resources.

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Biomedical science / Wellcome Trust
Wellcome TrustResources to help promote contemporary science in the curriculum, support teachers in the delivery of high-quality stimulating science education and enable young people to engage with biomedical science and the issues it raises.
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Design & Technology / Primary Resources
Primary ResourcesFree lesson plans, activity ideas and resources for primary teachers.
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Design & Technology, Maths, Science / Defence Dynamics
Defence Dynamics

Developed by practising teachers, all our lessons are fully curriculum and examination board linked:

  • Search amongst over 100 lesson plans.
  • Bring curriculum topics to life through real-life examples.
  • Interactive exercises, worksheets and animations support understanding.

Every plan contains full instructions on delivery including ideas for differentiation and use of student worksheets, PowerPoint slides, supporting multimedia.

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Engineering / Try Engineering
Try EngineeringTry Engineering offers a variety of lesson plans that align with education standards to allow teachers and students to apply engineering principles in the classroom. The site enables you to select a lesson that will be age and content appropriate for your classroom.
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Engineering / Schoolzone
SchoolzoneSchoolzone provides free resources for teachers - 50000 of which are reviewed by teachers.
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Engineering / BAE systems
BAE systemsThe site has masses of resources available for you. The search engine on the site will find the most appropriate information
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Environmental issues / Generation Green British Gas
Generation Green British GasAll materials have been developed in partnership with education experts and teachers. So they’re specifically designed to complement the curriculum (including Key Stages 1, 2 and 3) and fit in easily with teaching schedules.
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Environmental Topics / Siemens
SiemensLesson plans for teaching about environmental topics, an Environmental IQ quiz for your students, checklists, and sample project reports.
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Geography and Science / The E.ON Energy Experience
The E.ON Energy ExperienceA major new programme for teachers to help them teach young people about energy. The resources will help young people to understand about the different sources of energy we use, the relative merits of each, the options for energy production going forward and what their choices will mean locally, nationally and globally.
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Health and Healthy Living / Boots Learning Store
Boots Learning StoreTopics relating to Health and Healthy Living for students aged 4 – 16 years and parents
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Maths / Coolmath.com
Coolmath.comExcellent maths resources
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Maths & Science / RAF Target
RAF TargetRAF Target is designed to give students the chance to put their mathematical and scientific knowledge into practice in real life situations. This website will help teachers of maths and science at key stage 3 and 4.
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Maths and Science / Maths and Science.net
Maths and Science.netAccess to this site is completely FREE. This project is being run in conjunction with a number of schools. You may register as a teacher which will allow you to create your own lessons to do so please contact admin once you have registered. You must be a registered user; this is to ensure that the site is safe for children to use.
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Maths enrichment community / Millenium Mathematics Project
Millenium Mathematics ProjectThe NRICH website publishes free mathematical enrichment material aimed at Key Stage 1 through to Key Stage 5 - problems, puzzles, games, investigations and articles.
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Online Resources / Curriki
CurrikiCurriki is a community of educators, learners and committed education experts who are working together to create quality materials that will benefit teachers and students around the world.
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Primary school teaching resources / Woodlands Junior School
Woodlands Junior SchoolTeaching resources, useful general links and educational games for primary school teachers and children
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Science / e=tc3
e=tc3A Portal for Science learning resources - Aim to provide a collaborative learning platform where teachers can contribute and share resources
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Science / Astra Zenica Science Teaching Trust
Astra Zenica Science Teaching TrustThis site is for Foundation, Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 science teachers and science subject leaders. Funded by the AstraZeneca Science Teaching Trust, the site reports on exciting developments, provides excellent resources for Continuing Professional Development and offers a growing range of teaching and learning resources
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Science / Science Learning Centre
Science Learning CentreScience Learning Centres provide the highest quality Continuing Professional Development for everyone involved in science education, at all levels. With a network of ten Centres across the country access to innovative and inspiring courses is within easy reach.
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Science / Twenty First Century Science
Twenty First Century ScienceInformation, ideas and activities for students and teachers in a variety of formats
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Science / Planet Science
Planet ScienceHelping primary and secondary science teachers to teach inspirational science in the classroom
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Science / Making Science Make Sense, Bayer
Making Science Make Sense, BayerMaking Science Make Sense is part of Bayer's global education resources network. Always topical and interesting, MSMS supports both course and class work, from Key Stage One through to further education.
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Science / Whacky Science, Bayer
Whacky Science, BayerYou’ll find ‘Whacky Packs’ on a number of topics under the headings ‘Plants’, ‘Body’ and ‘Materials’. Each Whacky Pack contains information and facts as well as activities that can be done at home or in school. And, wherever you see the ‘Whacky Question Mark’, you know there are lots to think about and investigate!
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Science / Active Science, GlaxoSmithKline
Active Science, GlaxoSmithKlineA range of different modules to choose from, modules relate to the National Curriculum for England and Wales
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Science / At Work with Science, GlaxoSmithKline
At Work with Science, GlaxoSmithKlineAt Work with Science presents work-related learning in the context of how science is used in the pharmaceutical industry. It has a wealth of information about “how science works” to support GCSE and Applied Science courses. The various modules range from job application skills, to team working and enterprise activities together with virtual visits to chemistry laboratories and a chemical plant.
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Science / Funky Lab, GlaxoSmithKline
Funky Lab, GlaxoSmithKlineInformation, games and quizes inspired by and based on lecture demonstrations given to 14 – 15 year old students
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Science / The Economics of Healthcare
The Economics of HealthcareAimed at post-16 students of economic courses, although it contains much that should also be of interest to anyone wishing to understand the basic principles of health care economics.
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Science / Pfizer Learning Lab
Pfizer Learning LabA one-stop shop for education programmes run from Pfizer's Sandwich site in the United Kingdom. Whether you're keen to learn some exciting science or download teaching resources, the site offers everything that teachers, parents and students could want .. and more
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Science / Genome, the secret of how life works, Pfizer
Genome, the secret of how life works, PfizerThis web site contains informative and interactive content for anyone with a genome: students, teachers and parents. Tour the Genome Exhibit, test your knowledge and learn more!
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Science, Geography, Environmental Studies and Business Studies / BP Educational Service (BPES)
BP Educational Service (BPES)Providing innovative curriculum-linked teaching resources for primary and secondary schools and colleges
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Stem / NASA
NASAEducational resources that enable students to see real-world use of basic Science, Math, Technology, and Engineering. In addition to the excellent resources visitors to the site are able to go on a firing room tour, see a launch simulation, read funny stories relating to the space launch and learn interesting facts from the Kennedy Space Centre Factoid page
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Teaching resources to use in the classroom for Key Stage 1, 2, 3 & 4 / BBC Learning
BBC LearningLesson resources and more than 3,000 clips from BBC programmes on Learning Zone Broadband ready to play in your classroom.
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Whiteboard/Flipchart Resources / Promethian Planet
Promethian PlanetThe World’s Largest Interactive Whiteboard Community. There are thousands of free resources on Promethean Planet, all searchable by grade, subject and keyword - ready to download at the click of a button!
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