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A huge thank you to our Supporters and Sponsors, their help and sponsorships allow us to help teachers provide innovative and stimulating learning resources for STEM subjects and by doing so provide UK industries with the future talent for a healthy economy.

The Lloyd's Register Educational Trust (LRET) is very supportive of efforts to help people to better understand what is available with STEM products and services. We want teachers and students to be turned on to STEM and not to give up because they don't know where to start. That's why we're helping to fund Stemit, which we believe is a massive step towards providing relevant information in one place.

Michael Franklin
LRET Director.
Lloyds Register Education Trust

Teaching STEM subjects is never easy. But because STEM qualifications give young people better chances in life it is well worth doing well. The resources that Stemit has brought together make good teaching a good deal easier and I welcome that.

Professor Matthew Harrison
Director, Education Programmes
The Royal Academy of Engineering.
Royal Academy of Engineering

The University of Southampton is very pleased to be supporting the Stemit initiative, which promises to provide an excellent resource both for all those involved in teaching STEM subjects and for all students studying those subjects.

Professor Jeremy Kilburn
Faculty of Engineering, Science and Mathematics.
Southampton University

Good teaching of STEM subjects at school/6th form level means that its possible for us to teach our engineering and science courses to the expert level which the University of Birmingham expects. By improving the teaching of STEM subjects prior to arriving at university, every student has a head start and, correspondingly, a much greater chance of achieving his or her degree at a higher level. Applying these raised standards across universities, the result is that the UK stays at the forefront of science and technology and, together, were helping to create sustainable businesses and innovative products on behalf of UK PLC. The University of Birmingham is supporting Stemit for this very reason: to support STEM teachers and to make sure that our young people receive the very best education and training for their future in these areas.

Greg Howard, Head of Business Development
School of Engineering
Birmingham University

Autodesk is highly supportive of the aims and objectives of Stemit and will engage with future activities that encourage the integration of science, technology and IT to encourage young learners to pursue careers in engineering and architecture. Autodesk is funding the Stemit organisation because we share the ideals of preparing students for exciting career pathways into the design disciplines and equipping them with the highest quality of creative thinking and software solutions.

Stephen Stott
Education Program Manager
Europe Middle East India Africa